Vital Auto Spa – Detailing the Gulf Coast

Vital Auto Spa - Detailing the Gulf Coast

Our mission is to astound our customers with results and experience.
For the enthusiast, only the best will do - and we are enthusiasts.
From chemicals to towels, Vital Auto Spa uses only the best products
and processes to ensure the utmost care is taken with each vehicle.

Our goal is to cultivate a relationship of trust with you. Our primary tools to do this are honesty, integrity, and fairness, combined with unparalleled, consistent results. You can count on our work being top-notch each and every visit. We strive to exceed your expectations. Our commitment is to your satisfaction.

We are always looking for the latest and most advanced products available globally, and we continually adjust our techniques to stay on top of the latest in detailing technology. Our years of expertise ensure you get the finish and exquisite detail that enhances, preserves, and protects the integrity and value of your vehicle.


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We deliver premium results and our reputation speaks for itself.


Personally stand behind our work. Standards are set high, because we set them.

Professional Products

There are times when the "off the shelf" products simply dont suffice.

Free Consultation

Let us go over the vehicle with you, to address your concerns. No sales pitches, just options and education to weigh your options.

As-Needed Detailing

In a world of reality, there is a huge difference between the daily driver and prepping for a car show.
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Premium Auto Detailing

NO! Dishwashing liquid is designed to cause specific chemical reactions that will cause the protective clear coating on your paint to break down. Always use a cleanser designed for automobiles. Waterless spray washes are also an option for those eco-friendly consumers.
If your vehicle is not smooth to the touch, you may need a clay bar treatment. Environmental contaminants such as metal shavings, asphalt, and brake dust become embedded in your vehicle's paint over time. Once the particles containing metal oxidize, rust spots will begin to appear. The damage may not be visible at first, but once the rust has appeared, the only remedy is a new paint job. To save yourself from the expense and hassle of a new paint job, we recommend a clay bar treatment every 6 months.
Automatic car washes are used over and over again to wash hundreds of vehicles each day. Throughout the course of the day, the foam pad and brushes that are used to clean your automobile pick up dirt and debris from other vehicles, causing scratches and swirl marks. Although these "quickie washes" are a cheaper, less time consuming alternative to a hand wash, the risks far outweigh the benefits.

Wax is Dead

The best thought process to ceramic application is that we are applying a glass-like nano structure to the top layer of your paint, effectively removing the need to wax a vehicle again. Washing frequency depends on the amount of dirt your vehicle collects. Generally speaking, we suggest bi-weekly maintenance washes during dry weather.

  • These guys are very professional...took an old 2008 Chrysler 300 and made it look amazing...ceramic costing is the way to go...will be using them for all my auto detailing
  • Kyle was so accommodating, helpful and efficient. He detailed our 2000 Rav 4, and we left there with it looking almost new. It had been left outside and had not been used for a couple of years. We were so pleased with his work. Thank you, Kyle!
  • I really can’t say enough good things about these guys. In the past I had taken my car to another place for ceramic coating but I felt it was odd that this place could have the car ready in under 8 hours from start to finish. I decided to look in to other options and came across Vital. My experience started with a very informative phone conversation with Kyle. He explained, in detail, their process and what I could expect. I felt like Vital would take the time to do it right and so I chose them for my new (to me) truck. I wasn’t disappointed at all. Kyle communicated with me thru the process and the truck was even better than I thought. When I picked up the truck, they spent some time explaining good maintenance habits and products. From good communication to great service and even their top notch facility, I’m a customer for life. Thanks fellas!
  • Posting for my husband. Kyle and Bear made his car look better than new. The ceramic coating is slick and the car shines beautifully. Thank you both very much!
  • Kyle and Bear were fantastic to work with! I had ceramic coating with Ceramic Pro applied to my car. Kyle texted updates along the way to let me see the progress on the layers of coating. Easy to work with and very knowledgeable. I will happily use them for any service with my car in the future
  • Always a great job from them. I have gone to them for probably 4 or more year now.
  • Fantastic auto detailing!!! Kyle was tremendously honest in evaluating what level of detailing my car needed to sell immediately!!! It did!!! The price was reasonable and I highly recommend VitalAutoSpa for your auto needs!!!
  • Always awesome work and great people at reasonable prices. Treats ya like family.
  • Excellent place to get your vehicle detailed! I was very pleased with my vehicle and the experience I had with the personnel. Also, all of the work is done in a nice, climate controlled shop! Very clean and very professional.
  • Outstanding work done by professional staff. I have already recommended their services to all my friends.
  • Just bought a 2020 Kia and wanted to make sure it was protected inside and out, and that it would last a long time as well. They hooked me up with the right coating package and I am extremely pleased with rhe way my vehicle looks, and how easy it will be to keep it looking this way!!
  • They did a great job detailing my truck! They also were able to get a big scratch out of the door! The detail job was amazing!!
  • Kyle and his team are exquisite! The eye for detail and the customer focus is outstanding. Thank you for suggesting the Ceramic Pro TAG application.
  • Excellent service, can not say enough good things about these people! They treat your vehicle as if it was their own! They have done ceramic coat on two of my cars and they will blind you in the sun. They stand behind their work. In this day and time it is hard to find quality work. This is the place if you want it done right!!!!
  • Kyle and Bear are amazing! Their attention to detail is second to none. I am extremely happy with the paint correction and Ceramic Pro Silver package. I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again!
  • Kyle is great and incredibly knowledgeable! His attention to detail is 2nd to none as my car looks incredible. He doesn’t just wash your car....he’s an artist who is willing to educate his customers on the care of their car.
  • Very happy with Kyle and his team's service ceramic coating 2 different SUVs over 2 years apart at 2 locations. He is very knowledgeable about detailing and very thorough in spending time to perfect the paint before applying ceramic coating that would have locked in any paint flaws lesser detailers would have missed. His love of his skill is apparent. It seemed like he treated my vehicles as they were his own. Although it is normal to see $200k sports cars in his shop, I felt just as valued as any of his customers. And he did a great job ceramic coating my life's Louis Vuitton handbags and Ugg boots also! Highly recommended.