Legend Enhancement

The single stage enhancement detail that uses a polish designed to leave your vehicle with, shine, reflection and overall appearance that is nothing short of legendary. This is the cornerstone of what we envision most people are requesting when they want a detail for the first time. The Legendary detail is a great introduction to the paint correction offering of Vital Auto Spa. A considerable bump in both clean and shine over the Ultra detail. While this offering is great for most vehicles by removing roughly 80% of your defects, our Retro Correction and our Maximus details are designed for vehicles in need of extra love or for those seeking the ultimate in gloss and clarity.
  • Complete hand wash with a steam rinse
  • Clean and treat the wheels, tires & all trim
  • Clean the paint using detailer's clay
  • Single-stage machine paint polishing to remove fine scratches, swirls & car wash marring
  • 6-12 Month Protection applied to paint surfaces

Pricing Table

Small Car


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Large Car


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XL Vehicle


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