Ultra Clean

Whether the exterior of your vehicle just needs a good cleaning or just a little extra attention, we've got you covered. Our in house Ultra clean service begins with a thorough foam wash and clay bar treatment, which removes brake dust, rail dust, and other deposits in the clear coat. We clean the door jams, wheel wells, tires, rims, and trim before applying a nice coat of protectant! From this foundation of clean, we can either step into our Legendary enhancement services or simply maintain with our Hyper washes.
  • Complete hand wash with steam rinse
  • Clean and treat the wheels, tires & all trim
  • Clean the paint using detailer's clay
  • Apply Paint Sealant/Coating
  • Clean the windows
  • Wipe down door jams and fuel door

Pricing Table

Small Car


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Large Car


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XL Vehicle


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