Maximus Correction

This detail is designed to push the paint to the maximum. Going beyond a multi stage paint correction and manually leveling the vehicle with sandpaper. This detail is not for the faint of heart and yields the flattest possible surface resulting in a level of gloss and reflection rivaled only by wet paint. Our Legendary and Retro details are designed around safety and longevity and usually remove most, but not all, defects. In this detail, we are pushing the clear to the lowest valley, and we recommend this only in unique situations.
  • Pre-Wash Iron Cleanse
  • Foam Hand Wash
  • Clay Decon
  • Paint Evaluation
  • Spot Sanding
  • Rotary Correction
  • Multi Stage Foam Polish
  • Sealant Applied
  • Windows Cleaned

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Small Car


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Large Car


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XL Vehicle


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